Euro window and door products

Enjoy the Feeling of Open Space with Lift/Slide Doors

Open up your home and create a seamless transition from inside to outside. Our Euro-style Lift/Slide door will give you additional living space while providing protection and security.

A Lift/Slide door will fill a room with light and provide an unobstructed view to the outside. Our PVC door system provides state of the art technology tailored to your specifications. It will become the central design element of any room.

High quality hardware is standard on Lift/Slide doors from Ventana USA. The smooth operating handles are available in brushed nickel satin finish and polished brass or they can be color-matched to the vinyl. By turning the handle a full 180 degrees, the operating panel unlatches and can be easily rolled back along its track on stainless steel rollers to provide ventilation or egress. A two-panel Lift/Slide door up to 20 feet wide can be operated with just 5 pounds of force!

Applications: Sun Rooms | Patios | Pool Houses | Offices & Conference Rooms | Four Seasons Rooms | Anywhere you wish to replace a wall with glass!

Komfort Slide and Tilt/Slide Doors

The Komfort Slide door is a variation of a sliding door. It’s unique hardware and ventilations systems are what set it apart. The innovative soft close mechanism automatically moves the sash to its closed position. Its intelligent stay system allows this door to open smoothly and quietly.

Another unique aspect of the hardware is its all around night ventilation feature. This venting element will keep the room safe even if left open in your absence. The ventilation opening is not visible from the outside.

An alternative to the Komfort Slide, the traditional Tilt/Slide door provides the same smooth operation but replaces the night ventilation feature with a tilt position that mirrors the function of a tilt/turn window.

Colors and Woodgrains

In addition to the standards shown here, other colors and laminates are available by special order. Please consult your sales representative for details and actual color samples.

Applications: Hotels | Balconies | Sun Rooms | Patios | Pool Houses +

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PDF: Euro Series Doors
Video: VEKA Lift and Slide Gliding Door
PDF: TiltTurn Window & Swing Door Install Guide