Interior / Exterior Trim

Casing and jamb options in cellular PVC and real wood for interior and exterior applications.

Ventana offers interior casing and jamb extension in cellular PVC and real wood. Trim boards and brickmould made from solid PVC are available for exterior applications.

Cellular PVC Interior Trim

Bendable cellular PVC casings and jamb extensions for interior trim match the most popular wood designs. They are available in two styles: primed white (W) and tan stainable (S). Installation is simple because they can be sawed, nailed, routed, drilled, or glued.

Square rosettes in real pine wood (unfinished) also are available: 2.5 x 2.5 inches and 3.5 x 3.5 inches.

Each order for the stainable product includes detailed finishing instructions.

Real Wood Interior Trim

These curved components are manufactured from laminated wood strips and are available in poplar, red oak, or clear eastern white pine. No finger jointing or piecing is used.

Poplar is the standard offering; red oak or clear pine are available upon request.

Cellular PVC Exterior Trim

Cellular PVC trim boards and brickmould provide superior quality and dimensional accuracy for exterior trim applications. Use traditional woodworking tools for cutting; Use nails or screws for fastening.

We bend these products in a natural white color that is highly resistant to UV yellowing. They also can be painted in a full range of colors, light to dark, using high-quality paints explicitly designed for PVC material.

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