Ventana USA building

Ventana USA Export PA buildingVentana USA began manufacturing and supplying the window fabricator with architectural shapes for vinyl windows in 1987. As a pioneer in this segment of the North American window industry, our commitment to quality, product innovation, and customer service has maintained as a leader in the business today.

In 2000, Ventana started developing the engineering design and equipment specific to vinyl fence profiles. In 2003, we introduced reinforced vinyl curved deck railing in a variety of profile shapes and sizes. Today, we’re supplying fence fabricators with a wide array of bent and routed shapes for the rapidly growing FDR (fence, deck, and railing) market.

As the markets for our products continue to expand, so does Ventana USA. In 1993, we moved into our current manufacturing plant in Export, PA (about 25 miles east of Pittsburgh). Since then, we have enlarged that facility and acquired another in the same industrial park for a combined total of 70,000 square feet.

Since the beginning, we have been strongly committed to working with our customers as an extension of their business, as partners to achieve success. We will continue to improve on our products and services to meet their needs in the ever-changing marketplace today, and tomorrow.